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The Modern Game Club is a friendly Club, where you can be sure of a welcome, obtain advice and help buying stock.

We support 11 Regional shows and hold our annual Club show at the Zooparc de Beauval, which is very well supported.

I hope you enjoy browsing our site and that we can persuade you to join our Club and to keep and show this wonderful bird.


About Modern Game Fowl

With the advent of poultry shows, following the abolition of cock fighting in this country in 1849, the exhibition Modern Game fowl was developed. The evolution from the original fighting bird to the bird we now recognise, took place over a 50 year period from the mid to late 1800’s.

In their heyday before the 1st and 2nd World Wars, 295 Large Moderns were exhibited at the 1902 National show of the time.

Good birds could fetch prices from £3 to £100. This would amount up to £1000’s at today’s prices!
The top breeders of the day were the ‘well to do’ and the ’gentry’, with many of them employing managers to care for and show their large flocks of Modern Game.

By 1910 the Large Modern was in decline and what with the two World Wars, the popularity of the Large Modern Game diminished still further. The Bantams had increased in this period, always remaining popular.

At that time there were many Modern Game clubs in existence based on colour or location. The Modern Game Club as we know it today, was formed in 1947 following the 2nd World War.
Unfortunately Large Modern Game were never to return to their former days of glory and today are kept in small numbers by a handful of enthusiasts. The Bantam by comparison became more popular, continued to thrive and is a now a very popular show bird.

Modern Game Fowl come under the category of Hard Feather and are standardised in 15 colours.

The most distinguishing feature of the Modern Game appearance is its vertical stance, long neck and equally long legs, which are shown off by prominent shoulders, short strong wings, tight hard feathering and closely whipped tail, the whole appearance being of a reachy, tall, slender but muscular and fit bird.

Join Us

Membership of the Modern Game Club costs £10 a year for members of all ages
Subscriptions are due on January 1st each year

Benefits of Membership

Membership of the Modern Game Club

A yearly Club magazine (yearbook) with results, photos, reports and useful articles
An opportunity to win trophies at the Modern Game annual Club Show
An introduction to other Club members for advice and for sourcing stock

Press for Application Form

Booklet & Badge

MGC Standards Booklet and Lapel Badge

The booklet lists the required standard for each of the 15 Modern Game
colours as laid down by the Modern Game Club.

Booklet illustrated in colour throughout.
A must for members, exhibitors and judges contains 24 pages Illustrated with original drawings by Alan Higgs
£6 UK. £7 Overseas

Approximately 3.5cm high (1 1/4")

Chrome and enamel finish
New for the Club Designed By Alan Higgs and will be available in a variety of Colours.
Just the thing for your judging coat


Regional and Club Shows

Due to DEFRA restrictions in place, all shows upto February 2017 have been cancelled at this time.


Sec’s No



High Peak

01298 871420

5th February ‘17


Eden Valley

07900 964450


East Anglian Game

07931 438608


East Yorkshire Gm Soc

01653 690828


The National

02820 741056


Northern Ireland

07971 893072


Ribble Valley

01200 442159


Hayle & District

01736 756781


Federation Club Show

01234 365150

16th /17th Dec

Welsh National

01437 721433

January '18

Scottish National

01771 622557

January '18

The Northern

01484 540042

January '18

High Peak

01298 871420

4th February ‘18


National MGC Regional & Federation Club Show Winners



Best Modern Pile Male G Cannell
Best Opposite Sex
Best Large Duckwing Male A & F James
Best Opposite Sex L
Best Trio Gold Duckwing G Cannell
Best Juvenile S Omerod


News from the MGC AGM

At the 2022 MG AGM, Emily de Gray stood down from the Committee after 3 years as General Secretary. The role has been fill by Laura Pearce

Marcus Walker has joined us on the Committee.

I (Nick Trotman) took over from Jennifer O’Sullivan as webmaster of the Club’s website to give two jobs that hopefully align quite well. All other Committee positions remain as they were.

Photo Gallery

Contact Us

Name Name email Phone
President A Wetters 01663 746750
Vice Chair A Higgs 01525 873927
Chairman S McKean 07815 149347

Secretary &
Treasurer | Laura Pearce | | 07566 243479
Newsletter & Webmaster | N Trotman | | 07768 768147
Trophy Steward | P & A Pennington | 07745 699192
Club Stand | A James | | 01291 675414
General Member | J Woodhead | | 07855 963288

Please find above contact details for Modern Game Club Committee members